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miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013
Dreams fulfilled
foto de interes
Adriana Diosa´s participation in our Defenred Respire House project has finished. Adriana, human rights defender from Colombia, arrived at Madrid with her husband Oscar and her son Victor on June 26th, and they have returned to Medellin, Colombia, on August 14th. Almost 50 days in our first experience Respire House project. What could we stand out?

First of all, the satisfaction of living a dream fulfilled. An idea that was born after long talks between good friends, different attempts that were not successful, testing and looking for... Finally we arrived at here. An adventure that has been done, that is not the end but the beginning of something we hope will continue. But seeing all we achieved, although we are just beginning, produces enormous excitement.

Everybody has assessed this first experience highly satisfactory. Adriana, Oscar and Victor rested, recovered, took care themselves, learned, and created networks. In short, everything we set as our Respite House objectives have been carried out; and the final evaluation we did together told us in this way. We have strengthened and confirmed our belief that this project is needed for human rights defenders, and encouraged us to continue so that more people can benefit from it.

We, Defenred team, can say that living this time with Adriana, Oscar and Victor has been a very great luck. To meet them and share with them these so intense days has been wonderful.
But has its participation finished in Defenred project? We hope not, that it has just been the beginning of a relationship that we want to maintain for a long time. This topic was one of the subjects we address in the final evaluation meeting. Other subjects we reviewed and revised were to analyze what worked well, what could have been worked differently, which was not taken into account and it would be important to do it...  We hope that all we learned will help us to improve in the next future.
There are other issues of the project that we consider very positive. More than 50 people are following us through our Facebook page, and many others visited some of our news. Also Defenred website has been followed for many people. And more than 20 people have committed to give economical support to the project. In the immediate surroundings of the Respire House the project begins to be known. Two national media, television and print media, have been interested in our proposal. And the international organization Front Line Defender approved an economical support to Adriana participation in our Respire House.
We believe it has been a huge step. It’s sure there are a lot of things to be done, but this hopeful start has encouraged us a lot. Not only it confirms us the Respite House project makes sense, and can be a real support to human rights defenders. But it can engage and excite people here in Spain. And it can join human right defenders, working hard for human rights in their countries, with people in Spain willing to support them. Because supporting human right defenders can be an effective way to fight for justice and the implementation of human rights in the world.
Thanks Adriana, Oscar and Victor for all we have learned with you. Thanks to everyone who supported us. We carry on!

Defenred Team